Want to learn more about lymphedema and lipedema?

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Want to learn more about lymphedema and lipedema?

At JOBST Canada we’re here to support you every step of the way. This is something we feel passionately about and have been doing since our founder Conrad JOBST discovered and introduced the benefits of compression. We developed the Lymphcare by JOBST platform to provide you with information and tips needed to manage your condition.

On our journey to break taboos and stand up against lymphedema and lipedema we want to ensure that everyone has easy access to our wealth of knowledge related to compression therapy and those conditions. Therefore, we have ended the Lymphcare platform and are excited to welcome you at JOBST Canada.

Discover the world of JOBST and see how we can help you achieve your health goals and how your condition doesn’t have to limit your potential. Let’s defy gravity together.

Do you have lymphedema or lipedema? Learn more about your condition!

Take control of your day-to-day life by understanding the impact of lymphedema or lipedema on your health. Discover how these conditions can affect your well-being and let us guide you towards the right treatment. We can help you with recognizing the signs, seeking professional guidance, and learning about treatment options aiming for a better quality of your life.

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Find the right product, for you

Although lymphedema and lipedema are different diseases, compression therapy is the key element of their treatment. That’s why it is essential to find, together with your Healthcare Professional, the product that fits you best.

At JOBST Canada, you can learn more about products to treat your condition and use the product selector to navigate through what is available.

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Get inspired by our ambassadors who won’t let their condition hold them down!

Meet Didi and Paola. Didi has lymphedema, is an athlete and had always dreamed of becoming a model ever since she was a child. And Paola has lipedema: when she hit puberty, the fatty tissue in her legs began to swell without explanation.

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