How to Prevent Lipedema Progression

The cause of lipedema is still unknown, and it is not possible to avoid the development of lipedema. However, you can prevent your lipedema from progressing.

How to Prevent Lipedema Progression

Your lipedema does not necessarily have to progress. There are a few things that have an impact on the course of your disease.

Early diagnosis

There is no specific test or tool to diagnose lipedema. Many patients struggle without a correct diagnosis for a long time as the diagnosis is not straightforward. However, the awareness of the disease among healthcare professionals (HCPs) is increasing.

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Holistic treatment

After diagnosing lipedema, you and your HCP develop a holistic treatment plan, including physical therapies for your body and psychological therapies for your mind, if necessary.

The main elements of treating lipedema are:

  • Compression therapy
  • Physio/Movement therapy: Improving mobility and exercise
  • Psychological support
  • Weight management
  • Surgical procedures under certain circumstances (e.g., liposuction)
  • Self-management

The reason why lipedema progresses is usually due to inadequate treatment or an increase in your weight. Weight management is, therefore, an integral part of lipedema treatment.

The goal of weight management with lipedema is to improve your overall well-being and fitness instead of losing weight with diets. Indeed, you should avoid any diets – most of them aim to lose weight in a short time and fail in the end. This can even result in a higher weight than before, called the "yo-yo effect."

Instead of dieting, balanced nutrition and regular exercise are more efficient to achieve a stable and healthy weight.

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