For Easier Application

Putting on your garments and taking them off (donning and doffing) can be difficult depending on the compression class you have to wear or if you have to cope with joint problems or limited mobility. Donning aids are one option to ease the application of your garments.

Easier Application

Here are few tips about how to make this easier and less time-consuming:

Donning aids

There are three different categories of donning aids available:

  • Rubber gloves provide a better grip as they stick to your garments.
  • Fabric donning aids are made of smooth material so that the garment slides over the heel. They can only be used with open-toe garments.
  • Stocking donners are available in different sizes and for different types of garments for easy application with minimal strain.

Some garments are also available with a zipper option for easier application.

General tips about donning and doffing:

  • Put your garments on in the morning.
  • Make sure your limbs are completely dry.
  • Remove all jewelry and rings.
  • Long fingernails may damage the garments when you put them on.
  • Avoid gathering or stretching the fabric too much.
  • Use a moisturizing cream after wearing.

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