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Designed to Express My Style

Compression garments don`t have to look old-fashioned and boring. With different styles and colors, you can fit your garments to your style for different occasions.

Express my style

Many people think about the typical white garments that are worn in hospitals when talking about compression therapy. But they don’t have to be that old-fashioned and boring. Your garments are a constant companion of your life with lymphedema and lipedema, and they should fit different clothes, styles, and occasions. You may want to wear other garments when you go out with friends, or when you are invited for dinner. Medical compression garments are available in different colors and features such as colored seams, initials, decorative lines, and top bands that you can choose according to your needs.

You should also have a look at our Blog section about “Getting fashion and lifestyle tips” for some inspiration about dressing up while wearing compression.

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