Designed for Better Climate Control

Compression therapy is the cornerstone of lymphedema and lipedema treatment. A garment with effective moisture management is helpful to feel comfortable and keep your skin dry while wearing your garments during day and night as long as possible.

Designed for better climate control


JOBST Moisture Management Technology

JOBST compression garments are constructed out of special fiber combinations that offer optimized moisture management and help your skin feeling dry, cool, and comfortable.

Tips and tricks for hot summer days

On the one hand, hot weather can impair your lymphedema and lipedema symptoms because heat dilates your vessels and causes additional swelling. On the other hand, it can be hard to wear your garments in summer. But there are a few things you can do to cool down.

You can cool your garments in the fridge before putting them on. In addition, you can discuss the option of knee-high garments or open-toe garments with your healthcare professional (HCP).

Feeling comfortable while wearing compression is especially important while traveling or when you want to go out. Have a look at our Blog section about “Travelling and Going out” with lymphedema or lipedema to share your experience with others.

Do you have doubts that your garments may not fit your summer clothes? Have a look here to learn more about different styles and colors.

Tips and tricks for exercise and movement

Regular exercise and movement can improve your lymphedema and lipedema symptoms. You should always wear your garments when you exercise. One exception is training in water because this would damage the material of your compression garments.

The new JOBST Confidence has been designed for those who love to move freely. Thanks to its innovative double layer moisture management construction to improve evaporation of perspiration (sweat), you can also wear it  during exercise*.

Click here for more information about JOBST Confidence

* The JOBST Confidence is not suitable for exercise in water.  

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