Psychosocial Effects of Lymphedema and Lipedema

When you are diagnosed with lymphedema or lipedema, there are not just physical effects. These conditions are chronic and progressive so can bring several challenges along with them. Having regular physical therapy in itself is a big pill to swallow.

Vicki Ralph, an occupational and lymphedema therapist, identifies four unseen impacts of lymphedema and lipedema: emotional, psychical, psycho-social, and financial. In the below webinar, hear from patients who describe their challenges.

Vicki Ralph will address ways to combat and cope with these effects. Her goal is for patients to be as independent as possible in the daily management of their lymphedema or lipedema.

About your instructor: Vicki Ralph, OTRL-L, MPPA, CLT-LANA, has a wealth of experience working in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient settings in Wisconsin, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Colorado.

In 2011, Vicki attended an advanced lymphedema course at the world-renowned Foeldi Clinic in Germany. She currently works at UCHealth and helped make it a Center of Lymphatic Excellence.

Additionally, she serves as a course instructor for Klose Training. Vicki is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with patients, healthcare professionals, family members and friends.

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