Holidays are Here!  

We all look forward to the holidays, but if you have lymphedema it may be a difficult time to stay on track with your regular maintenance schedule.

Are you planning holiday travel?

Plan your outfit ahead of time - be sure to wear your compression when you travel, as sedentary time in the car or airplane can affect swelling.

Plan your food - Try to pack healthy snack or a sandwich for travel to avoid fast food at the airport or roadside travel plaza food.

Plan for some movement:

  • Travelling by car? Plan regular stops so you can walk around and stretch your legs (try for every two hours).
  • Travelling by plane? Do some calf raises at your seat to “move that lymph”.

Holiday parties are the best!

The holidays can be hard because of all the sweets and processed foods.  If you have lymphedema, an anti-inflammatory diet is recommended.  Sugary and processed foods are at the top of the list of foods that cause inflammation.

  • Offer to bring an appetizer or healthy dish so you know there will be something healthy to eat.
  • Fruits and vegetables are always a good choice.
  • When making food choices at parties, think whole food choices.

Self-Care is Important even during the holidays.

It’s important to keep to your routine during the holidays.  

  • If you do simple lymphatic drainage by yourself, make sure to make time for that in your day.  
  • Exercise can be more difficult during busy holiday times – make sure to make time to stay active. Every little helps!

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

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