Finding a Community

Lipedema and lymphedema numbers continue to climb throughout North America, as more clinicians are educated on diagnosing these conditions.

The physical diagnosis is only one part of the equation.  More information is continually coming out about the psychosocial consequences these physical diseases also bring [1]. Dealing with the diagnosis of a chronic condition and the care required to treat and the continued maintenance can be overwhelming.  Forming and maintaining relationships can be somewhat challenging for those with chronic conditions. Studies have shown that individuals with this disease(s) have decreased social well-being. Many factors are involved in how this disease can affect an individual: body image, financial situations, mental health, emotional wellness, diminished sexuality, isolation, and lack of support and resources. [2]

There are many resources and groups available that provide a sense of community and an outlet to voice frustrations or successes with other people who share your challenges.  As a manufacturer specializing in garment development for these chronic conditions, we know how important it is for our patients to have support. Developing LymphCare was a vision to provide a safe place for an individual to have support, speak to others and find experts in their area. JOBST provides patients with a comprehensive tool to decrease the anxiety and isolating feelings that may follow these diseases and assist in providing a better overall wellbeing. The Lymphedema and Lipedema communities are welcoming to those who are newly diagnosed, sharing your feelings, or asking questions may not only help you but may give someone else the courage to share their questions. 

If you haven’t joined in on the conversation happening on Lymphcare in the Forum, check it out.


[1] Fu, M.R., Ridner, S.H., Hu, S.H., Stewart, B.R., Cormier, J.N. and Armer, J.M. (2013), Psychosocial impact of lymphedema: a systematic review of literature from 2004 to 2011. Psycho-Oncology, 22: 1466 1484.

[2] Khong, Linda, et al. "Lower Limb Chronic Edema Management Program: Perspectives of Disengaged Patients on Challenges, Enablers and Barriers to Program Attendance and Adherence." PLoS One, vol. 14, no. 11, Public Library of Science, Nov. 2019, p. e0219875.

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