Exercising With Compression

As the weather gets better and the days get longer, you might find yourself much more motivated to exercise outdoors. But how do you find the right compression garment to get started?

Exercising With Compression

Regular exercise can improve your lymphedema or lipedema. It eases your symptoms, helps to maintain a healthy weight, and improves your overall wellbeing. However, finding the right garment to exercise in can be challenging. In this article, we're talking about different features of compression garments to support an active lifestyle.

Functional Zones for Free Movement

Free movement is essential in any exercise, whether you like hiking, cycling or practicing yoga. So, your compression garments shouldn’t restrict your movement. Made-to-measure garments usually adapt to your body shape better than ready-to-wear ones. JOBST made-to-measure compression garments are also available with additional Functional Zones. This patented technology uses soft and elastic yarns around the knee, elbow, or ankle for more mobility around the joints. Functional Zones are also designed to reduce cutting and wrinkling during movement.

Special Fibers To Keep You Cool

Is wearing compression while exercising really necessary? Indeed, exercising is even more effective when you wear your compression garments. For example, JOBST Confidence compression garments are made of special fiber combinations designed to keep your skin dry, reduce heat build-up, and feel comfortable all day long. And if it's really too hot outside, take off your garments and go for a swim! Swimming or other exercises in water are particularly effective due to the compressive effect of the water itself.   

Unique Top Bands for Better Hold

Slipping compression stockings are always annoying, and never more so than when you’re exercising. JOBST SoftFit technology uses a fine silicone yarn knitted into the top band comfortably keeping your garments in place without them digging into your skin.

Let's Get Started

With a comfortable and fitting garment you can enjoy exercising even more, and reap the physical and psychological benefits that it brings. If you’re just starting out exercising you should set realistic goals and increase your activity gently. Fixing dates to train with friends or family, or signing up for classes are good ways to stay motivated. You may even want to consider a personal trainer who can help you develop a personalised program to build your strength and confidence.

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