Who can diagnose lymphedema? 


When you first notice any signs or symptoms of lymphedema, your general practitioner (GP) or a nurse is usually the one you refer to. The basic diagnostics for lymphedema focus on your medical history and the physical examination of your body. Your GP or your nurse will probably refer you to a specialist for lymphedema to interpret the results or confirm the diagnosis.

Physicians or nurses should have specific training and the appropriate qualification to diagnose and treat lymphedema.

Physicians often come from the following specialties:

  • Internal medicine – a specialty for diseases of the inner organs.
  • Dermatology – a specialty for diseases of the skin, also covering phlebology (diseases of the veins).
  • Angiology – a specialty for diseases of the blood vessels.

Sometimes it is also a specialized nurse who will take care of your treatment. Learn more about how lymphedema is diagnosed and how to find the right professional support.