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LymphCare is an online platform developed to help you manage your lymphedema or lipedema.
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Be Part of the Community and Empower Your Life

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We understand how difficult it can be when living with lymphedema or lipedema. The journey can be challenging. That's why JOBST developed LymphCare: to provide you with all the information you need to help you regain control of your life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Join the LymphCare community today, learn more about your condition and share your experience with others. Need some guidance with your first steps? We are here to help you: sign up for our free starting program.

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Why Other Patients Love Us

When I first got diagnosed with lipedema, the LymphCare community is where I found support when I needed it most

Madita Lipedema patient

Through the community, I realized that you don’t necessarily have to be limited by lymphedema

Paul Lymphedema patient

Getting the diagnosis was scary. Once I saw the full picture, I knew there’s nothing to be afraid of

Claudia Lymphedema patient


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Be Part of the Community and Empower Your Life
Don’t sit around and go through this in silence. Share your story. Doing that was a real eye-opener for me

Claudia Lymphedema patient